Important steps of asap
Synergetic Auto Performance Public Company Limited was founded in 2006 by Mr. Songvit Titipunya and Ms. Parinda Vongvitavat, who has extensive experience and expertise in the automobile industry for more than 20 years. His family was a Toyota dealer in Phitsanulok, and he is a Nissan dealer in Bangkok. Currently, he is a distributor of Toyota vehicles named "Toyota @ United", which is one of the top three Toyota dealers in Thailand in 2015 that has the highest number of cars sold.

Our founder's vision saw the opportunities for a car rental service provider. In 2006, they opened Synergetic Auto Performance Company Limited to provide long term car rental service for corporate customers. For instance, large well known corporates (ex. Global Logistics Company), government agencies, and state enterprises. Our business was doing so well as can be seen from the amount of fleet we owned, from 96 cars in 2006 to 6,375 cars in 2016, and continuous growth from the rapid growth of logistics in Thailand.
After stepping up to become a major player in the long term car market, asap continues to grow its business to become a leading car rental provider in the country with the expansion into the short-term car rental business in the late 2015. Other than the additional benefits of expanding asap's customer base to cover more target groups by using the company's resources and existing customer base to maximize the benefits, the new service also responds to the growing demand for short-term car rental. The demand emerges from changing lifestyles, Thailand's entry into the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and the growth of the country's tourism sector.

December 2021

The Board of Directors Meeting No. 5/21, held on December 3, 2021, resolved to approve the acquisition of At United Broker Company Limited (At United Brokerage Company Limited) by specifying the date, month, and year of the agreement to enter into internal transactions. Quarter 2/2022

July 2021

The company has opened an alliance with a legal entity to do car rental business together under the terms of the contract "Asap Alliace" able to service Phrae branches.

June 2021

The company opened an alliance with a juristic person to do car rental business together under the terms of the contract "Asap Alliace" Khon Kaen branch.

May 2021

The company launched 4 new services which are:

  1. Pet transportation service
  2. House moving service - transport
  3. Pick-up service for the elderly
  4. Luxury car service on the big day

You can use the service through Asap App. and Asap is also open for membership in the Asap club project. Members will receive many privileges. with the right to choose the first service for free 1 time, with the application fee at 499 baht, but for those who apply for the first 10,000 people will receive a promotion The application fee is at a special price of only 99 baht. Applications are open on 1-14 June 2021.


June 2020

Opened a car service center for rent and sale of used cars under the brand asap select Phetchaburi Province

July 2020
  • The situation of the COVID-19 epidemic in Thailand has eased. The board of directors has resolved to hold the 2020 shareholders' meeting on July 30 at 2:00 p.m. At BITEC Bangna Exhibition and Convention Center, 2nd Floor, Grand Hall Room 202-203, ready to hold a meeting under the rules of Social Distancing strictly.
  • with Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) or Toyota Mobility Foundation Provide operational support services Take the shuttle for medical personnel. Rajavithi Hospital During the COVID-19 epidemic situation, more than 120 employees make travel safer and more comfortable.
October 2020

Opened a car service center for rent and sale of used cars under the brand asap select, Chonburi Province


June 2019

Cooperated with Goo Inspection, the leader of used car condition checking in the group of PROTO Corporation which is listed on the Japan Stock Exchange. In this cooperation, Goo Inspection Thailand came to help inspect the condition of the cars that are completed under the asap brand to reinforce confidence in the company's secondhand car quality and standards. Every vehicle before selling

August 2019

Open Franchise (a short-term car rental service center and sell secondhand cars) under the official brand asap select The first branch in Nakhon Ratchasima province

September 2019

Open Franchise (a short-term car rental service center and sell secondhand cars) under the brand of asap Select, Nonthaburi Branch, located near the Purple Line. Bang Kraso Station

October 2019

Open Franchise (car rental service center and sell secondhand cars) under the brand of asap select, Ubon Ratchathani branch. Located on the road around the city Next to the red sunset

November 2019
  • Open Franchise (a car service center for renting and selling secondhand cars) under the brand asap Select, Chiang Mai - Doi Saket Road Chiang Mai Province
  • Open asap app, launch 'asap Limousine' or rental car with driver Or car for rent with driver By strengthening the experience of car rental and large fleet rental cars Came to help support the new service of asap while training the driver to provide quality service Which corporate customers (in the first phase) can book using the asap app


June 2018

Expand asap GO service, car rental, Phase 2, which is charged according to actual usage To reinforce the car sharing concept by focusing on expanding the customer base to the general customer group You can download the application via the Appstore and Playstore in the haup car name and click to register asap GO to access the service immediately. And adding a parking spot to serve as 100 points according to leading supermarkets such as Foodland, financial institutions and real estate projects of single-family homes Townhome and Condominium.

July 2018

Open a fully integrated car service center ‘asap Auto Park’, Bangna-Trad zone Near Suvarnabhumi Airport In the first phase, there will be a short-term car rental service and the sale of second-hand cars, asap rental contract with Starbucks coffee shop. Tire Change Service Center Auto Razor and KFC To accommodate the needs of customers in the Eastern Zone.

October 2018

Launching the 'asap Auto Park' franchise under the asap Select brand, including 4 models for the growth of the rental car market and the second-hand car market in Thailand that continues to grow, emphasizing low investment with a starting price 1 million baht with support for car rental and second hand cars Making a difference from other franchises in the industry, allowing investors to return capital faster, aiming to open asap Select 30 points within 5 years.

November 2018

Receive 100 Toyota C-HR cars from Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan and President of Toyota Motor Thailand Co., Ltd. to provide services to customers in the car rental business based on distance under the asap GO brand, which has adopted the Car Sharing concept as the core of business operations Hoping to reduce the use of private cars and carbon dioxide emissions that create air pollution In accordance with the Toyota Group campaign around the world That wants to create sustainability and environmental friendliness.


February 2017

On 11 February 2017, the extraordinary general meeting of the shareholder passed a resolution to authorize the change in the company's marked share price from 1.00 baht per share to 0.50 baht per share, leading the company's shares to increase from 330,000,000 shares to 660,000,000 shares.

March 2017

The Company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand ("SET") and had first trading day on 30 March 2017.

June 2017

An asap counter was opened for short-term car leasing at U-Tapao International Airport.

July 2017

Business expanded to car leasing via mobile application service (asap GO) .


January 2016

Opened asap short term rental counter at Chiang Mai international airport.

March 2016

Opened asap short term rental counter at Don Muang international airport.

July 2016

Increased registered to THB 330 mn from 225 mn for IPO & Converted to Plc.

Opened asap short term rental counter at Hat Yai international airport.

Registered as Plc. On 28 July 2016

Business expanded to include limousine rental.

September 2016

An asap counter was opened for short-term car rental at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

November 2016

The Board of Directors' Meeting No. 4/2559 passed a resolution to rebrand the company for asap to be used as the only brand name in all of the company's car rental services. The company expects the rebranding to become asap to complete by early 2017.


December 2015

No. of long term rental cars increased to 4,748 cars

Increased registered and paid-up capital to THB 225 mn and expanded business to provide self-driven short-term car rental service under "asap"

Opened 1st asap short term rental counter at Phuket International Airport


December 2011

No. of self-driven long-term rental cars reached 1,800 cars


April 2009

Increased registered and paid-up capital from THB 5 mn to 50 mn

December 2009

No. of long term car rentals reached 554 cars


December 2008

Expand customer base to government agencies and leading private companies in the sector of retail, wholesale, and logistics.


10 April 2006

Established Synergetic Auto Performance Co., Ltd. with registered and paid-up capital of THB 5 mn

July 2006

Started providing long term car rental service under "sap" to a world leading logistic company


Started 2006