Who Are We

asap's unique selling point is our rapid ability for fleet procurement that responds to customers on point. We seek to provide convenience towards customers, leaving them the highest satisfaction for our service. Our Vision is "to be a total solution car rental service provider that delivers at a world-class standard and beyond customer expectations and beyond customer expectations Through effective technology."

The company offers 6 types of rental cars:
  1. comprehensive operating leases for serving corporate customers; most of these involve 3- to 5-year contracts with customers; operating lease are composed of various services such as fleet procurement, fleet-tailored modification, fleet maintenance, replacement cars and other related services;
  2. Short-term car rental services for serving ordinary customers;
  3. Limousine rental services are aimed at operating rental for corporate customers who prefer to lease cars with chauffer services; this type provides the same services as operating rental but with the added services of chauffers and car and chauffer management
  4. Car rental service through an application (asap app) which focuses on providing services to corporate customers The company is developing an application under the name of asap app, which is an application that focuses on expanding to retail customers (B2C) under the concept of asap Mobility Solution to offer products and services to support life. The style of the new generation that is increasing in popularity of car rental services. Which will be a source of asap products and services for customers to use the full range of services, from short-term rental cars and rental cars according to actual use asap GO brand, and in the future can also use the app Option to buy secondhand cars and request loans from financial institutions as well.
  5. Lifestyle Mall (asap Auto Park), car rental center and complete used cars Including food and beverage outlets.
  6. asap Select franchises, service centers for short-term car rentals and second-hand car sales.