We are seek to be the leader of the industry who provides excellence services with the most technologically advanced platform by a professional team


The Synergetic Auto Performance Public Company Limited, To provide car rental business That can meet the needs of customers exactly with a mission to operate the business that “The company that provides car rental and comprehensive services with service standards beyond the impression. Through efficient technology.”

Note: In the Board of Directors Meeting No. 1/2021, the meeting approved the review and approval of the vision and the mission of the company.

Company policy

Throughout our years, asap has continuously provide service in the spotlight under 5 policies that has grown asap to whom we are today.

Policy 1

Readiness and capability to procure any amount or design of fleet required by customers by using effective technology management.
asap specializes and understands customers’ needs and demands. Therefore, we work to facilitate customers in every aspect by providing car-related services from start to end strategy. Whether it be fleet procurement to fit customer’s usage or needs and delivering them punctually , fleets can be modified to be suitable for customer’ specific purposes, replacement cars to help customers run business smoothly, maintenance and mobile services, and etc.

Policy 2

Effective cost management
The company provides funding from many financial institutions to enhance negotiation capabilities. We also manage times of revenue in line with expenditures to prevent financial liquidity. asap has high bargaining power for financial sourcing. To effectively manage cost, asap has high bargaining power for financial sourcing, insurance premium, car dealers, and maintenance service provider due to our good and extensive relationship with suppliers.

Policy 3

High-experience management
Asap's management team has extensive experience in the automotive industry. Due to being both as a dealer of new cars and used cars, experience with residual value management, including tracking and analysis of the car market. Knowledge, expertise and experience of the management team are the key to set the vision and business plan of asap. Hence, asap will lead the company to continuous and sustained growth.

Policy 4

The ability and agility to supply cars according to customer needs.
Automobile procurement is at the heart of the asap’s service. At asap, we focus on procuring the required amount and design of fleet within an agreed time. Our strength is our biggest major shareholder, Toyota @ United Co., Ltd., whom is a major Toyota dealer in Bangkok. Also, our partners and alliances whom are dealers of various brand which we have receive cooperation in procurement of specific design of cars at limited amount of time and huge amount of quantity.

Policy 5

Excellent service quality
From experience and expertise in every step, we put in dedication and pay attention to all details to provide the best service to customers. Whether it’s responding to customers with quick and responsive help, asap team puts our heart into every response, making customers satisfied, impressed, and gains trust for our service. Hence, can be seen in our increasing growth throughout the years.