What is asap Go

asap GO is a car-sharing service under the concept of ‘Pay per use’ or hourly car rental. To rent a car, you can just simply make a booking via our application. We aim to provide a service for you to commute more conveniently and enhance the quality of life. Our cars are parked under office buildings in Bangkok city. So when you need to commute to a meeting, or meet clients, anywhere, anytime, we are ready to service you.

  • Unlock via application (No car keys needed)
  • Car sharing
  • Pay per use
  • Billing can be made towards company (No advancements needed)

Why use asap Go?


Because car is parked at your building.

Convenient payment method

We will be billing the company with details on rental (ex. rental duration, miles commuted)

Companies don’t have to rent monthly if it isn’t necessary

asap GO makes you able to rent for just some days, or some hours.

Freedom to drive

You are able to go anywhere, even the deepest roads without worrying how to commute back.

  • 1
    Make a reservation.
  • 2
    Unlock the car via our application.
    *For corporate users: Booking will be successful after it is approved by your manager.
  • 3
    Once you press end trip, you will receive an email notifying the cost.

    *Private users coming soon*

Reserve and drive 24/7

Refuel is free! Just use the gascard.

Pay with credit card on App. For corporate users expense will be automatically billed towards company.

Price is calculated based on actual time and distance used. To check the estimated price of rental for your trip and find our asap go cars near you, please use our asap application.

*Private users coming soon

Why use asap Go?

(Corporate benefits)

Effective cost management for corporates

For corporates that do not have high utilization, instead of renting long term and leaving the cars idle, pay-per-use system is beneficial.

Management is able to analyze car utilization reports accurately

Management can access accurate car utilization data including driving time, distance, and routes. This improves the car utilization management effectively.

Charges are calculated based on actual usage

Charges are calculated based on distance and time of actual use. No charges applies during non-usage.

asap GO can be a faster car replacement service

Our long-term car rental customers can enjoy the privilege to use asap GO as a replacement car for free. This is hassle free and shortens the wait time.

Application management system

Corporates can manage bookings and become keyless by using our ‘asap application’, without the need for staffs for management.

Support both corporate and public usage

After hours, employees are able to take asap GO car home at their own cost. Payment will be made via credit card.

Flexibility to increase or reduce number of cars

Whenever usage is increasing, we are able to add more cars into your fleet. This ensures your business will run smoothly.

Variety car models

asap go offers a wide range of car models for every type of usage. We offer small passenger cars, executive cars, to pickup trucks.