“A fully-integrated car rental service provider, with the quality of service that exceeds expectations.”

For comprehensive operating car leasing, the company has improved its services and expanded customer base. This has led to continuous growth in the company’s business. Presently, as the company enters its 12th year of business, the company has a total of 9,970 cars for lease (information as of 31 December 2017).

In order to satisfy needs for corporate customers on the long-term contract, we provide the service that not only drives customers’ businesses forward smoothly, but also helps facilitate and manages all the issues related to cars with our diverse services that are above expectations, with the following details.

Customers on long-term contract generally come with specific needs. Thus, ASAP emphasizes on satisfying those needs fast, with our potential and readiness in sourcing a wide variety of cars, in terms of types, brands and models, regardless of sizes; small, medium, large, executive cars, pick-up cars and vans. Our service is not limited by the quantity of cars required, as we can provide from 1 to more than 100 cars in limited amount of time, and we can supply cars with modifications according to customers’ requirements including; standard fleet and modified fleet that are designed, modified, or with additional equipment installed according to customers’ requirements.

In order to satisfy different utilization needs, ASAP provides design and modifying services according to customers’ requirements, even the most specialized modifications within no time. There are many types of design such as, design to fit customer’s utilization, , for instance, installation of cabinets, chillers, and pick-up roofs. Design to fit corporate identity, for instance, promotional stickers, installation of spoilers, etc. Meanwhile, cars can be modified to fit usage, for instance, installation of NGV or LPG equipment to save petrol cost.

ASAP provides the best quality of service to facilitate customers, with notification service when maintenance is due. Our call center team is available for 24 hours. At the moment, ASAP is partnered with almost 1,000 repair and maintenance centers all over Thailand. Also, our mobile service team is able to provide maintenance services; electrical and brake systems for organizations that find it inconvenient to bring cars to maintenance centers.

Replacement cars are another important company feature. Because the majority of customers use their cars to operate business daily, customers’ businesses might be affected if cars encounter problems and become unusable. Therefore, the company provides car replacement services to help offer maximum convenience to customers concerning car usage. If the cars used by customers encounter problems and customers need to use the cars at that time, the company will provide temporary replacement cars of the same models and characteristics as those used by the customers in order to allow customers to operate their business normally. As of 31 December 2017, the company has a total of 574 replacement cars composed of various types, models and specifications to accommodate replacements for vehicles used by customers. Nevertheless, the company monitors repairs to ensure completion as soon as possible to allow normal usage by customers and so the company can recall replacement cars for subsequent usage.

In order to deliver experiences that exceed expectation to customers, ASAP provides special services based on customers’ requirements, such as, driver service, training course on driving safely, etc.