“A fully-integrated car rental service provider, with the quality of service that exceeds expectations.”

In 2021, the number of rental cars has decreased due to the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The company has been impacted in the growth rate of new customers. Due to the overall economic slowdown of the country Causing both the government and private sectors to slow down and reduce spending and the company has adjusted the long-term rental business growth target to suit the overall economic condition of the country and strictly in reviewing the financial status and repayment ability of new clients before considering approval. They also try not to have too much concentration of customers in any particular business group. As shown in the table:

Note: The number excludes amount of replacement cars

In order to satisfy needs for corporate customers on the long-term contract, we provide the service that not only drives customers’ businesses forward smoothly, but also helps facilitate and manages all the issues related to cars with our diverse services that are above expectations, with the following details.

The company has the capacity and readiness to procure cars quickly based on customer specifications and schedules, regardless of the quantity of the procurement, which can range from only one vehicle to over a hundred vehicles. Additionally, vehicles are procured based on customer specifications. The company can form standard fleets composed of vehicles with no additional modifications or equipment installations, and modified fleets that are designed, modified and installed with additional equipment tailored to meet customer needs. The company procures various types of cars, brands and models, ranging from small passenger cars to medium and large and even executive cars, pickup trucks and vans of various brands such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volvo.

Because customers sometimes need cars with unique specifications to suit business or aesthetic objectives, the company provides fleet-tailored modification for customers. The company pays attention to wide-ranging and fast vehicle modifications to meet the different requirements of each customer. Accordingly, the company provides interior vehicle design and modifications. On usage, this includes installations of refrigerators, freezers and pickup truck cap racks. In terms of appearance for uniqueness or aesthetics, these include attachments of customer company logos and spoilers, etc. As for drive power, modifications include NGV/LPG equipment installations.

Replacement cars are another important company feature. Because the majority of customers use their cars to operate business daily, customers’ businesses might be affected if cars encounter problems and become unusable. Therefore, the company provides car replacement services to help offer maximum convenience to customers concerning car usage. If the cars used by customers encounter problems and customers need to use the cars at that time, the company will provide temporary replacement cars of the same models and characteristics as those used by the customers in order to allow customers to operate their business normally. As of 31 December 2021, the company has a total of 786 replacement cars composed of various types, models and specifications to accommodate replacements for vehicles used by customers. Nevertheless, the company monitors repairs to ensure completion as soon as possible to allow normal usage by customers and so the company can recall replacement cars for subsequent usage.