On August 6, 2021, the company gave a Paper Field Hospital Bed with many other items to Sanam Ban Phaeo Hospital

06 August 2021

On August 6, 2021, after the company brought the mobile stretcher to Sanam Ban Phaeo Hospital on August 5, 2021 have inquired at Ban Phaeo Sanam Hospital that there is any need for more and Sanam Ban Phaeo Hospital said that There is a need for another 30 beds because the patient currently sleeps 2 people per 1 bed and need paper, pillows, mattresses, sheets Blankets, mosquito nets, tents, fans and many other items. The Company therefore collects money from employees, executives, and directors and those who have a mind Metta has already collected the money to buy and deliver to Sanam Ban Phaeo Hospital.

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